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Why Optimization Matters

Nothing hurts sales more than frustrated customers who lose trust in your business due to a website inefficiency or lack of a good user experience.

eCommerce optimization seeks to find these inefficiencies and turn them into positive experiences for customers and visitors alike. Additionally, it increases the likelihood that prospects turn into returning, long term customers.

My Approach to Optimizing eCommerce

I tailor solutions specific to your unique situation. Each component of your store is examined including digital marketing, social media and even your competitors.

I utilize a mix of manual, customized and automated solutions to help turn any WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads WordPress site into a streamlined process to help build customer loyalty and eCommerce revenue.



I have worked on professional development teams for some of the top companies in my industry.

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My work spans from frontend to backend and dealing with the latest technologies.

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I enjoy building long term relationships with my clients as we grow in success together.

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eCommerce Analysis and Action

We can’t improve what we don’t understand. This initial stage is very important as it teaches us where you currently are and what results you are currently getting.

I take an in-depth look at everything: from site stats to social media, user interface, website issues and more until we have a complete understanding and road map of the eight areas listed below.

User Experience

A great user experience fulfills the customer’s needs. Usability testing helps us identify the possible gaps and roadblocks where a user might be experiencing friction interacting with your website or products.

Social Proof

Users consider social proof as one of the deciding factors of whether to do business with you or not. It’s important to not only collect testimonials and request reviews but to display them properly throughout the website.

Social Media

As a business, the way you interact with others on social media matters and is becoming increasingly important in SEO. Done correctly, social media can help spread brand awareness, gain customers and increase revenue.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing helps convert users cheaper and more efficiently than traditional advertising. This includes but not limited to: social media marketing, content and drip newsletter campaigns.

Cart Abandonment

High cart abandonment rates can signal poor user experience or trust factors. Most users add items to their cart only to abandon them and never return. Lowering cart abandonment rates is a high priority for any eCommerce site.

Website Issues

Broken links, page errors and other website problems can reduce the trust and usability of an eCommerce website causing users to leave. It’s important to identify and resolve signs of potential website issues.

Customer Retention

Reducing subscriber churn and shopping cart abandonment is part of the customer retention process. Becoming aware of why customers leave helps create a strategy to retain them.

Visitor Funneling

Visitor funneling is the process from which a user finds your product or service and completes the journey to a successful purchase or another business goal. Optimizing this process is essential.

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