TheWpGirl provides business

WordPress Help

Delegate your WordPress tasks to a trusted professional. Put on some comfy socks , relax and let me handle the updates.

Maintenance Tasks for Everyone

Send your pesky WordPress maintenance tasks to me and free up your time.

Most tasks are flat rate and affordable for companies and freelancers. 

  • Backup $39

    One time backup of any website.

  • Content Editing $20/Page

    Edit any page's content. Includes custom CSS, if applicable.

  • CSS Issues (small) $19

    Small CSS tweaks such as setting font colors or fixing small issues.

  • CSS Issues (big) $75

    For bigger CSS projects including custom solutions and covering multiple sections.

  • Errors & Issues $75

    Resolve any WordPress error or issue.

  • Hosting Move $99

    Move hosting providers. Includes initial backup.

  • Malware Cleanup $75

    Clean up any malware, spam and/or hacking. Includes security hardening.

  • Page Build $75

    Build any page. Includes implementation of client provided content, CSS and set up.

  • Plugin Set Up $49

    Set up any plugin. Maximum 1 hr.

  • Speed Optimization $149

    Optimize any website or diagnose and resolve speed issues.

  • Theme & Content Set Up $349

    Set up a theme supplied by client along with client provided content. No custom coding.

  • Theme Transfer $349

    Set up and transfer content to a new theme. Includes initial backup.

  • Updates $49

    Update WordPress core, plugins and themes. Includes initial backup. Resolving errors/issues from updates not included but can be added as an add-on.

  • The Works $649

    A complete package. Theme setup, content implementation, WordPress configuration, plugin set up and speed optimization. No custom coding. Up to 8 pages.

Business Tasks for Freelancers

I offer help with business and professional tasks for freelancers who need an extra hand with their business.

Maybe you have a sick day or going on vacation. Leave those tasks to me and enjoy your day off!

  • Business Analysis $250

    This is an 8 point analysis covering user experience, digital marketing and other areas related to your business online.

  • Client Leads $20/Lead

    Find client leads based on your preferences. Clients are qualified along with needed intel to help land the sale.

  • Day Off $99/day

    Need a day off? I will watch your support queue and email to take care of emergencies.

  • Proposal Presentation $75

    A professionally designed proposal lands bigger contracts. Let me spend the time designing and implementing your proposal into a branded solution to send to clients.

  • Research $30/hr

    Any research done for you from competitors to information and data processing.

  • Resume Editing $49

    Looking for a new role? Get your resume professionally designed and edited.

  • Slideshow Presentation $15/slide

    Get a slideshow designed based off your content.

  • Vacation Days $99/day

    I will watch your support queue and email to take care of emergencies. Or just serve as an extra pair of eyes so you can relax. Or you can use me to handle tasks so you don't have to work on your vacation!