pipdig Themes: How to Find Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to free and commercial WordPress themes similar to pipdig.

Customers who desire to switch out from pipdig themes may find themselves stuck and unable to afford a redesign. I have compiled a list of free and affordable resources so you can find an alternative. Please note: I have no affiliation with anyone on this list. I just want to help people find a solution fast.

What’s going on with pipdig?

I won’t go into detail because other news and blogging outlets have already covered this extensively but in short: pipdig inserted code into their plugins and themes that utilized malicious software to create a backdoor that allowed them to delete database and reset administrator passwords to customer sites. It also allowed them to ability to set up a DDoS attack to one of their competitors.

Wordfence, a WordPress security company, released the following statement after doing extensive research on the issue:

Wordfence recommends removing all Pipdig content from your sites, both WordPress and Blogger. Pipdig has demonstrated a willingness to abuse users’ resources to execute unethical, and potentially illegal, activity. Furthermore their repeated denial of solid evidence, and subsequent attempts to conceal it, leave us unable to trust them in the future.

You can read more about it in detail here:

Customers currently feel stuck desiring a switch out and/or wanting refunds

My heart goes out to the customers who find themselves stuck with themes and not being able to afford a redesign:


Some customers are struggling with refund issues:


Free and commercial alternatives to pipdig themes

Here are some alternatives to free and commercial WordPress themes similar to pipdig. I tried to find solutions that were affordable for most people.

Free WordPress Themes

Commercial WordPress Themes

These come with the option for a freelancer to setup at an additional fee:

The last two themes: Velure & Monte are from WPZoom who are giving discounts to those who want to switch from pipdig:

Low Cost Redesign Services

Medium Cost Redesign Services

Hosting Providers

I do not have experience with kualo hosting but they are offering all pipdig customers two years free hosting with migration:

Other Alternatives

Mark Jaquith created a plugin called “P3 Neutraliser”:

You can also check out this Twitter thread by @HeyRachieface


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