My mission is to serve WordPress site owners by becoming
a web technology partner, serve holistic code and provide intelligent WordPress solutions.

How will we be communicating?

We will be communicating via email. Live chat/video/phone/screenshare options are available upon request with advanced notice. Please note that we cannot be on screenshare while developing as this is disruptive and we need to focus on the project itself.

How is working with you different than others?

1. I build websites that convert. My web development philosophy focuses on a well rounded holistic approach. Coding is backed by research and creatively implemented as part of a whole business philosophy. Design is specific and supports branding.

2. I build long term relationships with clients. With over 20 years of experience with business management, customers and technology, I have consulted many companies across the globe. Most clients stick with me long term. View Success Stories

3. I provide quality every time. I have grown my careers with long term experience in web development, business management and digital marketing.

What type of services do you provide?

WordPress Development
I can take an existing theme and customize it for your brand. Or create a theme or plugin from scratch.

Speed Optimization
WordPress website running slow? I can identify the culprits and get your site running lightening fast.

Business Web Design

I can help set up your business website to perform conversions on new or existing business websites.



Set up an optimized eCommerce website to lead visitors to paying customers.

Website Editing

Need to add content, change colors or layouts? I can help make that happen.


Error Fixes

Clean your site of errors and bugs. I can also clean up malware.

How much do you charge for a project?

It depends on the requirements of the project. Each project is different so it’s hard to give an exact cost without discussing your specifications first. You can request a free proposal to discover your options.

Do you charge by the hour or by project?

I do not charge by the hour. You will always receive a flat quote for the entire project before we begin. I find this makes it easier on everyone involved and allows me to focus on the quality of the project.

What is the typical process from beginning to end?

The first few days will be ironing out the specifications of the project and doing appropriate research and planning. After that, we will discuss milestones. The project will be tested upon completion and again tested once live.Here is the step by step process below. Reach out to me with any questions.

1. Discovery

We discuss your project via email, live video or phone call.

2. Proposal

I will submit a proposal outlining the work, cost quote and time estimate.

3. Contract & NDA

After the proposal is approved, I will send a contract and NDA for us to sign.

4. Mockup

If required, I will provide a mock up for your approval.

5. Development

Once the mock up is approved, I will begin coding and designing your website.

6. Launch

I will perform final testing and instruct you on how to manage your new website.

Can you show me past client success?

You can read what past clients have to say on the Success Stories page and view my portfolio here.

What is your career background?

I am passionate about business and web technology; especially the WordPress platform. I am an aspiring photographer and mixed media artist. My skills range from backend to frontend development. I have worked for commercial WordPress companies in management, support and development roles. View my resume

Where do you develop our project?

All sites are developed in a local, private environment before published on the live domain name. This ensures a speedy and efficient development process. You will have a chance to review development progress and changes before the site is live.

How can I help you?

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