My Mission

My mission is to support agencies, freelancers and their clients with expert WordPress solutions.

Helping Agencies

I help agencies with overflow work and general outsourcing.  My mission is to help you grow as an agency by supporting your business and your clients under white label solutions with guaranteed privacy.

My Background

With over 20 years of freelancing experience along with business management and digital marketing, I have helped many businesses across the globe. Chances are, if it’s with WordPress, I’ve seen it or done it. Have a look at my resume.

People call me ‘The WordPress Girl’ because I love digging into everything WordPress including custom solutions. I assist companies with fresh WordPress sites and agencies/individuals with overflow work.

Helping Freelancers

Freelancing is a wonderful experience but it can also SUCK. This was highlighted the most during my career when I joined the team of commercial WordPress companies. I love the compadre and support of working on remote teams but it was something I could never get in freelancing.

While there are resources dedicated to helping us find WordPress answers there isn’t really a resource for freelancers to get the career and client assistance they need. Getting answers is great but some do not have the resources nor time to perform a task well.

This is where I come in. The WP Girl serves freelancers and their clients with WordPress development and management to name a few and does so under guaranteed privacy. This means you can feel safe and confident in your career knowing you have the background assistance and support that you need.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your clients will never know that you work with me unless you give specific permission.

Career Growth

Professional, dependable, mental/emotion support during your freelance career.

Team Benefits

Feel safe and confident in your career knowing you have the assistance needed.


Grow without hiring and get client assistance as needed. You can even resell my services.

How can I help you?

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